Теннисная ракетка Wilson BLADE 98CV 18x20 (2017)

Теннисная ракетка Wilson BLADE 98CV 18x20 (2017)

  • Wilson
  • Производители  Wilson
  • Доступность:  Нет в наличии
  • Код товара:  BLADE 98CV 18x20 (2017)
  • Артикул: WRT73311

21840.00 р.
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  • Вес11.30 oz. / g
  • Размер головы632 cm² / 98 sq. in.
  • Баланс13.375 in. Head Light (1pt)
  • Длина27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Струна18x20
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The new Blade 98 18x20 updates the Wilson Blade with the fatigue minimizing benefits of Countervail. Countervail is a material concept designed to maximize energy transfer, reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time. The Blade 98 CV takes the stealth look of its predecessor up a notch, with a matte black/gloss green finish and laser etched details. Maintains the traditional feel of the previous Blade 18x20, along with nearly identical specs.

A 21mm flat beam and 98 square inch headsize provide solid feel and control for intermediate to advanced players with a faster swing, seeking a stiffer stringbed response. A versatile performer from all points on the court and ideal for a player seeking the added control of a denser pattern. Parallel Drilled grommets for a more consistent response from the stringbed, as well as Braided Graphite + Basalt frame construction. Amplifeel handle technology features basalt inserts, customized foam and a softer buttcap that provides a clean, enhanced feel. This frame is designed for today's big hitters, who feature a very aggressive attacking game, looking for a solid feel to go with classic control.

For Optimal String Performance Wilson Recommends:

  • Power: Wilson NXT Power
  • Control: Wilson NXT Control


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Вес 11.30 oz. / g
Размер головы 632 cm² / 98 sq. in.
Баланс 13.375 in. Head Light (1pt)
Длина 27 in / 68.58 cm
Струна 18x20
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