Сумка Head Radical 9R Supercombi (2017)

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  • Производители  Head
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  • Код товара:  Radical 9R Supercombi (2017)
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Иногда меньше - значит лучше

Sometimes smaller is just as perfect. Just like its bigger brother, the 12R Monstercombi, Сумка Head Radical 9R Supercombi comes with the latest innovations and spacious compartments that leave nothing to be desired. Its unique razzle dazzle lettering design is inspired by the holistic Radical design collection, which allows an eye-catching and matching head-to-toe appearance. On the outside, the bag comes along in an amazing shape and an impressive asymmetric design. On the inside, it gives you 2 spacious compartments as well as a separate shoe bag, that allows you to keep your dirty shoes or laundry locked away if you need to. The 2 inside mesh pockets and 1 outside accessories pocket make sure that you can keep everything where you need it, while the climate control technology CCT+ keeps your racquets protected from extreme temperatures. Its comfortable carry system allows you to throw this over your shoulder or right onto your back.

  • 2 основных отделения для 9 ракеток, одно отделение с CCT+
  • 1 внутренний сетчатый карман
  • 1 отделение для обуви
  • 1 внешний карман для аксессуаров

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