Теннисная ракетка Wilson BLADE 98CV 18X16 (2017)

Теннисная ракетка Wilson BLADE 98CV 18X16 (2017)

  • Wilson
  • Производители  Wilson
  • Доступность:  На складе
  • Код товара:  BLADE 98CV 18X16 (2017)
  • Артикул: WRT73301

12990.00 р.  18990.00 р.
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  • Вес11.1 oz. / g
  • Размер головы632 cm² / 98 sq. in.
  • Баланс13.375 in. Head Light (1pt)
  • Длина27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Струна18x16
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Теннисная ракетка Wilson BLADE 98CV 18X16 updates the spin-oriented Blade spec with the addition of the energy return benefits of Countervail. Countervail is a material concept designed to maximize energy transfer, reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time. Now with a stealth new look featuring matte black paint, gloss green and laser etching to look as great as it plays.


This version of the Blade 98 S continues to feature Wilson's legendary Spin Effect Technology which permits additional string movement, increasing the RPM of every shot! In keeping specs consistent with previous generation, offering spin oriented 18x16 string pattern, 11.1 oz. strung weight, and 98 square inch head. This combination provides excellent feel and control for intermediate to advanced players with fast swing.

A 21mm flat beam and 98 square inch headsize. Continues to provide excellent frame feedback offered by basalt fiber BLX technology. Improved feel thanks to Amplifeel handle technology.Parallel Drilled grommets for a more consistent response from the stringbed, as well as Braided Graphite + Basalt frame construction.

For Optimal String Performance Wilson Recommends:

  • Spin: Wilson Revolve
  • Durability: Luxilon 4G

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Вес 11.1 oz. / g
Размер головы 632 cm² / 98 sq. in.
Баланс 13.375 in. Head Light (1pt)
Длина 27 in / 68.58 cm
Струна 18x16
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