Теннисная ракетка Wilson Ultra 105S Countervail (2018)

  • Wilson
  • Производители  Wilson
  • Доступность:  Нет в наличии
  • Код товара:  Ultra 105S Countervail (2018)
  • Артикул: WRT73761

12900.00 р.  14990.00 р.
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  • Вес285 грамм (без струны)
  • Размер головы677.4 кв. см / 105 кв. дюймы
  • Баланс33 см/5 Pts HL
  • Длина69.2 см / 27.25 дюйма
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Give your game a jolt with Теннисная ракетка Wilson Ultra 105S Countervail (2018), the only Ultra racket featuring Countervail and Spin Effect Technology. Showcasing a combination of booming power and topspin, this racket sports a sleek finish that brings a fresh, uncontaminated design to life on the court.

  • Only Ultra racket featuring Countervail & Spin Effect
  • Power Rib throat geometry optimizes power through greater stability and stiffness
  • Crush Zone grommet system compresses at impact to boost power and ball dwell time on strings
  • Hotspot (hottest part of the sweetspot) increases by 15% for more explosive power
  • Uncontaminated design features modern aesthetic with clean lines, sophisticated silver accents, midnight navy matte finish and smooth, velvety paint
  • Integrated Countervail Technology maximizes player energy, consistency and precision
  • Spin Effect Technology increases ball RPM without changing your swing
  • Stringing instructions

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Вес 285 грамм (без струны)
Размер головы 677.4 кв. см / 105 кв. дюймы
Баланс 33 см/5 Pts HL
Длина 69.2 см / 27.25 дюйма
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